Industrial safety management


The growing industrialisation of the country and increase in the magnitude, complexity and intensity of industrial hazards have made industrial safety a subject of potent concern. The human and material costs of industrial accidents and losses arising therefrom have been alarming during recent years. Managements are becoming more and more conscious of the preventive as well as curative aspects of industrial safety. Emphasis is increasingly being laid on the appointment of specially trained personnel to man the safety organisations in industrial establishments. The Factories Act, 1948 provides for the appointment of Safety Officers in specified categories of factories.

The objective of the Post Graduate Diploma Course in Industrial Safety Management is to provide basic theoretical and practical training in various areas of industrial safety so that those trained may become capable of taking up assignments as Safety Officers in industries. The Course is designed to cover technical as well as non-technical aspects relating to safety in the context of the Indian conditions. Some of the core areas covered are : underlying principles of industrial safety; industrial toxicology; environmental pollution : occupational health, industrial hazards and accidents; safety organisation and accident prevention; behavioural science with special reference to social and psychological factors. Besides, the students will also be acquainted with the statutory provisions relating to safety in factory establishments in order to ensure smooth and effective compliance of those provisions. Students are also exposed to Workshop training, Fire fighting training and First Aid training. They are also given training in Computer Application. Finally, field-work training in industrial establishments pertaining to industrial safety will make the Course of Industrial Safety Management a job-oriented Course intended to develop students to take up assignments as Safety Officers who are in demand in many industrial establishments in the country.

The Government of Bihar has recognised this Diploma for the appointment of Safety Officers under the Factories Act and other State Govts., also have been approached for the same

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