Rural studies management & development

Rural studies management & devlopment has acquired a new significance after Independence. As rural sector provides the very morphological framework to the Indian Society the Government of India is making vigorous effort to transform the underdeveloped Indian society in conformity to the basic postulates of progress embodied in the Constitution of India and concretely formulated in the Five Year Plans. Agrarian social structure which provides the very anatomy to the Indian society is attempted to be reshaped with a greater thoroughness. Sincere endeavour is being made to overhaul the very productive base of rural society as also its institutional and ideological superstructure. Efforts are also being made to transform its ecological framework and technology and to preserve and promote its art and culture. Rural development has thus, become the central core of the national objectives of economic growth and development. In order to improve the conditions of life and work of rural people, the 20 Points Programme contains a number of items specifically devoted to the promotion of rural welfare.

With a view to promoting extensive rural development and welfare, the Government of India and also the State Governments have adopted a number of schemes such as the MNREGA, SGSY, EAS, JGSY, NSAP, Indira Awas Yojana. Adult Education Programme, Rural Health and Nutrition Programme, Programme for the Welfare of the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes. Social Security Pension Scheme and schemes for the rehabilitation of bonded labour and child labour etc

In view of the complex environment in which rural institutions and organizations work today, there is a need for professional management in these organisations. In order to execute the programmes of rural development and welfare, there is an urgent need to create a breed of professional rural managers having sound understanding of the principles and practices underlying rural mangement and welfare administration.


The Deptt. of Rural studies (Rural Management & Development) owes its orgin to the academic vision and foresight of Prof. Dr. G.P. Sinha founder Head of the Department and later on Vice-chancellor, Patna University. It was his tireless effort and firm commitment of rural development which was manifested into commencement of this course as Diploma in Rural Management and Welfare Administration, Patna ( 1 ) University. Later, it was the combined effort of Dr. S.M. Raza, the then Head of the Deptt. LSW, Ex-V.C. of Veer Kuer Singh University Ara and Dr. S.N. Ahsan, the former V.C. of Patna University, which resulted in creation of fullfledged M.A. Course of Rural studies, P.U. in 2001. This has been duly recognised by the UGC and the State Govt.

By the creation of this Post-Graduate Department of Rural Studies the status of this Course has been raised and more opportunities have been created to prepare a breed of professional rural managers who would be capable of undertaking the challenging responsibilities in rural sector.

Through a well-structured course, the faculty intends to equip the students with necessary knowledge. skills, ability, insight and to foster them along sound lines with appropriate values and ethos.

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